Ecology’s Eco Friendly Packaging

At Ecology, our team works hard to ensure that our packaging does not end up in landfill or floating around in our beautiful oceans, rivers and lakes. You may have noticed that our packaging is made from mostly cardboard and paper. What you may not know is that not all paper and cardboard comes from the same place. We try our best to pack our products in paper that has had a previous life and to ensure that components can be properly disposed of. Learn more about how our products are packed and the packaging we use below.


Our Cardboard Boxes:
The Ecology cardboard boxes that you receive all your goodies in when you shop with us is 95% recycled cardboard. That means they're mostly made from cardboard and paper that has once had a previous life, turned into pulp again and made into our fabulous boxes before they’re sent to you. Ensuring that our cardboard is made from recycled paper goods is the best way to ensure that we can reduce wasteful production and consumption.

Cardboard Packing Filler:
Instead of using plastic bubble wrap, we always use shredded cardboard packing filler. This ensures that all of your delicate homeware purchases get to you safely without contributing to excess plastic waste. That’s because we shred our own cardboard that has had a previous life from deliveries that we receive.

Foam Pellets:
Our foam peanuts and pellets are all made from wheat and are 100% biodegradable and completely dissolve in water. You can also dispose of our Foam Pellets in your home compost bin. By using wheat foam peanuts instead of regular polystyrene peanuts, we are able to protect your goodies without introducing excess plastic waste into our environment.

Our Tape:
We use Ubis Adhesive Ecopaper tape to tape up all your new Ecology products and ensure they get to you in perfect condition. Ubis tape is crafted from paper and the adhesive is made from natural rubber and hydrocarbon resins which means there are no dangerous or unhealthy components.

Hero Bags
For soft goods, we ship in Hero Bags rather than plastic postage satchels. Hero Bags are 100% home-compostable and are made from 70-80% PBAT and 20-30% PLA. These are co-polymers and cornstarch material that are entirely compostable. To learn more about Hero Packaging, visit their webpage.

Hero Compostable Packaging

Ranpak Geami WrapPak Honey Comb
We wrap our goods (that are not already in their own special gift box) in Ranpak Geami WrapPak Honey Comb Wrapping Paper. The paper is a climate-neutral, recyclable and also is a renewable source. Ranpak (our supplier of this material) works with FSC certified suppliers. Learn more about Ranpak here.

Ranpak Packaging

Ecology’s product development and warehouse team always have sustainability and eco-friendly processes in mind. That’s why we ensure to deliver on every aspect of our packaging in order to achieve a cleaner planet! If you have any questions regarding packaging, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for further information. If you're interested in sustainable products and reducing plastic waste, check out our blog on Plastic Free July.