Meet Black + Blum

black+blum aims to share many exciting and innovative, sustainable products and is a brand that consistently creates uniquely designed sustainable kitchenware. Perfect for those that live a busy lifestyle with a passion for health, sustainability and environmental consciousness, black+blum is the brand that delivers in all these aspects as well as functional and pleasing aesthetic designs.

The black+blum story begins in 1998 where Dan Black and Martin Blum met studying industrial design at Northumbria University. The brand was born in London with simple, playful designs that instantly become a hit. The black+blum range quickly grew with inspiration drawn from the creative and diverse city of London with Japanese influence that resulted in healthy and sustainable food and drink products for the busy Londoner.

black+blum is now sold in over 60 countries and Ecology has partnered with them to make these products available to you. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, active charcoal, natural and biodegradable cork, high-quality glass and recycled, sustainable wood composite, each black+blum piece is perfect for food on the go. Explore black+blum online now to reduce waste in your daily routine and invest in products that inspire a sense of well-being and happiness on a daily basis.

The black+blum Lunch Box available now on the Ecology site

black+blum Lunch Boxes and Charcoal Water Bottle available now on the Ecology site.