Meet Tom Dixon

A pioneer, leader and boundary-pushing creator, Tom Dixon continuously brings exciting design propositions to areas of lighting, accessories and furniture. The Tom Dixon brand itself encapsulates a distinct nature and a joyous, quirky and rigorous of design.

Leaving school with only a pottery qualification, and rising to prominence in the mid-1980s, Tom Dixon the designer became known as the self-taught talented designer of welded salvage furniture of London.

Tom Dixon the brand was created in 2002, adding revolutionary, timeless and innovative pieces to living spaces all over the world and succinctly contains what Tom Dixon stands for in each design. As a restless innovator, Dixon brings us high concept interiors and design with influences from childhood roots in Tunisia and Morocco that clash with the DIY ethos of the English punk scene. Tom Dixon products are all tailor-made for multiple uses, are adaptive and agile and are crafted to represent stories and journeys of authentic design.

The Ecology brand is ever-evolving and has always admired the art and design of the Tom Dixon brand. Aiming to always bring the best to our customers, we have partnered with Tom Dixon to make their best selling and most popular products available to you. Dive into the world of Tom Dixon and indulge in the philosophy and versatility of Tom Dixon design.

The Tom Dixon Eclectic Range. Available now via the Ecology Site.

The Tom Dixon Tank Lowball Glass. Available now via the Ecology Site.