Setting the Table for Christmas with Ecology

Be it traditional or modern, create something that reflects your take on Christmas. Here are some styling tips for different aspects of your table with traditional and modern takes!

Choosing a Theme:

For our Christmas table, we've opted for a simpler style featuring green linens and botanicals.

The first step involves deciding on what colours you might want to incorporate in your Christmas dining space. A more traditional Christmas table usually incorporates deep reds and touches of gold. If you’ll be opting for a modern Christmas table, choose your favourite styles and colours and coordinate with elements of Christmas colours or themes.


We've layered our Sylvan Serveware and ornaments with our Speckle Dinner Plates in Milk.

Considering how you’d like to layer your colours is a great way to elevate the look of your Christmas table. After choosing your patterned or coloured star dinnerware, consider what types of colours you’d like to layer them with. Usually neutrals and whites are a great choice to layer with whatever colour theme you have chosen. If you’ll be using napery and a tablecloth, consider matching the colours with either your neutrals or theme colour of choice.

Adding the Centerpiece and Statement Pieces:

Let your culinary creations be the center of attention with Ecology's selection of Spring / Sunmer serveware.

If you’re going for a more minimal look, your centerpiece on the table can simply be the food and drinks that you will be enjoying served on gorgeous serveware.

The Twill Vase in 18.5cm is perfect as a botanical centerpiece.

If you’re looking to dress the table up a bit more, consider using some botanicals that match your chosen theme. Some great neutral botanicals that will match almost any table include acorns, twigs or pine cones that look great directly on the table. Or you could opt for a vase filled with gorgeous blooms.

Picking Your Glassware:

Our Christmas table features the Classic Champagne Coupe and the Sol Tumblers.

Stemmed glassware is perfect for a traditional Christmas table. If you’re going for a more modern or casual vibe this Christmas, explore some colourful or patterned options that are the perfect finish to your Summer dining table from our new season glassware selection.

Let None Of It Go To Waste:
Lastly, once you’ve enjoyed all of your holiday festivities, keep all your leftovers fresh and let none of it go to waste. Preserve your leftovers in the Nourish Storage Containers to ensure no leftovers go to landfill.

Nourish Storage Containers.