Ecology is so excited to announce our partnership with FAME! FAME stands for The Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species and was established in 1993 and was created to restore and protect endangered species around Australia. Australian species are so distinct and diverse when compared to the rest of the world, however many face dangers of extinction. Their work is done through separate projects which can all be viewed on their site. These projects fund on-ground conservation for different species and form a patchwork quilt to boost populations of native plants and animals that are under threat.

FAME believes that a partnership approach to saving endangered species is the best way to save Australian wildlife. By working closely with like minded businesses, volunteers and experts in the field, they are able to continue to protect biological diversity around Australia. Because the Ecology brand and designs are highly influenced by Australian flora and fauna, we have partnered with FAME to support their work in protecting Australian nature.

From this collaboration, we have crafted the Nomad Hug Mugs. Each Nomad Hug Mug features a warm hug design on the original Nomad mug shape. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of each set will be donated to support the work of The Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species.

FAME team members Joel and Caroline using their Nomad Hug Mugs.

The Nomad Hug Mugs come in a set of 4 and in beautiful packaging for easy gifting. Shop now and support FAME’s work! If you'd like to learn more about FAME and the work that they do, head to their website and explore their projects or make a direct donation to a project of your choice.

Shop the Nomad Hug Mugs online.