Sunday Sips: Hosting Your Next Drinks Flawlessly

So it’s your turn to host drinks and you’re starting to think about what to serve to your guests. Don’t worry! We’ve got all the tools, tips and recipes you’ll need to host your next Summer get-together flawlessly. hosts her Sunday Sips with the Alto Small Board Serving Board, Punch Jug and Dip Bowl in Orange and the Twill Tumbler.

Serving Your Guests:
Finger foods and grazing boards are a great idea at any get-together. Simple foods presented beautifully allow guests to pick and choose what they like to eat best, and graze throughout the event as they please. Go with the classics and tried and true grazing board ingredients that you know your guests will love. This can include bread and dip, cheeses, cured meats, pickles and olives. Plus, no need to do the dishes afterwards! Just serve everything up on your board and have some napkins handy for your guests.

@amazinggrazers uses her Ecology Arcadian Long Centerpiece Board to serve up savory meats, biscuits, dips and vegetables but also decorates her board with some fruits that are great for cleansing the palate and adding a pop of colour to the table.

If you wish to, a sweet platter or grazing board is also a good idea to serve up cut fruits and small desserts.

@grazegourmetplatterco uses her Ecology Alto Serving Board to serve sweet fruits, biscuits and cheeses. She uses botanicals and edible flowers to decorate her board.

Planning for Drinks:
While having a glass of wine in lovely serveware is always a good idea, getting creative when you’re next hosting drinks can be fun! If you’re looking to try a new cocktail recipe, we love @vande.home ‘s Grapefruit Gin Fizz. Light, refreshing and zesty, this is the perfect drink to serve during Summer. Here’s how to make it and wow your guests!

@vande.home serves her Grapefruit Gin Fizz in the Ecology Gin Glass.

Grapefruit Gin Fizz Recipe from @vande.home:
Ingredients (serves 1-2):
60ml Botanical Gin of your choice
60ml grapefruit juice (or the juice of 1 whole grapefruit)
120ml tonic water
2 Sprigs of Rosemary
Grapefruit slices to garnish
Optional: 15ml of sugar syrup if you like your drinks a little sweeter.

Pour your ingredients into a cocktail shaker or a large jug if you’re making for more than 2 to mix the ingredients.
Fill your glasses with ice.
Pour over ice into Gin glasses to serve.
Place rosemary sprigs in each glass and garnish with grapefruit slices.