Styling Your Table For Christmas and The Holiday Season

Creating your own holiday magic at home and playing host for your guests is one of the most joyful things we can do at Christmas time! We’re here to help you set your table beautifully and take some of the stress out of Christmas entertaining. Thumbnail art by @abode_by_ash

The Ottawa Dinnerware in Barley styled by @zen.abode

Setting the Scene and Choosing a Theme:
The first step to styling is to decide on a theme. Think about what colours you might want to incorporate in your dining space. If you’re opting for a more traditional Christmas, perhaps you might like to choose a colour scheme incorporating deep reds and touches of gold. If you’re keen for a more contemporary theme, choose your favourite styles and colours and perhaps coordinate with elements of Christmas colours or touches of gold or silver.

A beautiful Christmas table has many layers to it. Choose a table cloth that you might like to use for your dining table. If you’re opting for less on the table, a patterned table cloth could work well. If you’d like to put more on your table, then choose a plain table cloth so it doesn’t look to cluttered once everything is placed on top. If you’re unsure of what to use, just go for a white table cloth which is easily paired with any theme. Now you’re ready to add more to the table!

Adding the Dinnerware:
Pick your favourite dinnerware to add to the table! Opt for colours that go with your chosen theme. If you’re working with reds, try using warmer coloured dinnerware such as the Sahara dinner set.

The Sahara 12 Piece Dinner Set
Or, use a lighter coloured dinner set, such as the Heidi 12 piece dinner set, and let your centrepiece or statement pieces be the focus of attention.

The Heidi 12 Piece Dinner Set

Adding the Centerpiece and Statement Pieces
Dress up your table with your centrepiece and statement pieces. Plate up on our gorgeous and colourful Christmas serving platters such as the Tidings Feast Platter or the Shortbread Gingerbread Platter. You can use colourful pieces to add some character to the table. Match your chosen theme by pairing similar colours together. To add some seasonal rustic charm to the table, choose botanicals to match your chosen theme. Some great neutral botanicals that will match almost any table include acorns, twigs or pine cones.

@livingwellwithsav decorates her table with seasonal spices and greenery featuring the Shortbread Mug in Candy Cane

Adding Some Light
Add some light to the table with fairy lights, tea light candles, stick candles or pillar candles. Adding some light to the table is a great way to create some warmth in the atmosphere. You can also add some personality with things like Christmas crackers or napkin rings if you choose to! prepares her table with pillar candles as well as Christmas crackers. Her table features the Tidings range and the Shortbread range.

Picking Your Glassware
Stemmed glassware is always an elegant choice for a special meal, no matter what your guests are drinking. You can even pair your favourite stemware with some tumblers or go for a matching set. Try pairing the Pollock Tumbler with the LSA Borough wine glass for a varied look, or create a set with the Twill Glassware range.

Twill Glassware paired with the Malta Dinner Plate in Sage and Ottawa Side Plate in Lichen. Styled by @caviarfeeling

Let None Of It Go To Waste:
Lastly, once you’ve enjoyed all of your holiday festivities, keep all your leftovers fresh and let none of it go to waste. Preserve your leftovers in the Nourish Storage Containers to ensure no leftover go to landfill.

Nourish Storage Containers.