Meet Replay: An Innovative Solution for Sustainable Tableware.

Ecology is pleased to introduce Replay, an innovation in tabletop production that delivers less wastage by upcycling production seconds.

Until now, finding low-impact solutions in ceramics has been a challenging endeavour, but the sustainably-minded team at Ecology continued their search. The Replay collection became that solution; a new product that breathes life into the old by upcycling!

Replay is available in the Dinner Plate, Side Plate and Noodle Bowl.

By upcycling production seconds that would otherwise be sent to landfill, Replay offers a tangible reflection on the past lives of ceramics. These reclaimed ceramic pieces are ground down to a fine powder and added to new clay materials to create the colourful and distinctive flecks that make each Replay dinnerware piece unique. You can see and feel the fine granules of ceramic and glazes, and these act as a reminder of the history woven into the finished product. Traditionally, once ceramicware has been fired and glazed its recyclability has been limited, but with Replay, new possibilities are emerging. This is the first substantial step on the road to discovering new techniques and processes.

Replay Side Plate, Malta Dinner Plate in Sage, Ottawa Lichen Dinner Bowl and Ottawa Lichen Dinner Plate styled by @caviarfeeling