LSA’s Handmade and Mouthblown Glass

LSA International is considered as one of Europe’s best manufacturers of handmade glass. Founded in the 1960s, the brand has developed a rich history over many years of glass production. From design to production, each step of the LSA manufacturing process has been polished to perfection.

The design process for LSA begins with their creative director and designer Monika Lubkowska-Jonas. With a deep understanding of the qualities of materials and an affinity with artisan dexterity, Monika draws her designs based on simplicity in form and function. These drawings are then translated into technical drawings and are passed onto the manufacturing team for production.

The quality of each LSA product relies heavily on the selection of quality raw materials. LSA glass products are crafted from Soda-Lime glass. Soda-Lime glass is entirely lead-free, unlike crystal products, which can contain up to 24% lead. Soda-Lime glass is made up of sand, soda ash and lime in the correct proportions that ensure the right texture, consistency, colour and clarity in each finished LSA piece. To create glass, the mixture is heated in a kiln and is then mouthblown and shaped. Small air bubbles are present in the glass and each piece slightly differs which is a normal part of the handmade and mouthblown glass process. For any LSA pieces that contain wood, LSA ensures that only high-quality oak and ash from sustainable European FSC® 100% certified sources. Each piece of wood is slowly dried to enhance durability and is left untreated, but can be treated with food-safe oils.

The LSA team consists of specialist glassblowers with many years of experience in producing contemporary glass designs by hand. The glass is heated and becomes molten and at this point, a glassblower can extend a cane into the kiln to gather a small ball of molten glass. The glass is then withdrawn and it can be formed into different shapes with glassblowing techniques and by adding materials before reheating and shaping again.

After the glass is shaped, each LSA piece is hand finished using a variety of expert hand-finishing techniques. These include scissor cutting rims, and polishing to ensure that each piece has a thick, well rounded and soft-looking finish to the glass.

Colour can be added to the glass when it is still hot. This is done by hand painting colour onto the glass. LSA primarily uses casing, where a layer of clear glass is wrapped around a layer of coloured glass. This allows the glass to have a deep yet transparent colour and creates a solid base in the piece. By hand-painting colours on to each piece, the glass is able to display different tones and shades as well as a beautifully reflective finish.

LSA In Your Home
While LSA pieces are experimental and contemporary in shape, colour and design, each piece is versatile and functional in its own way. LSA pieces are a great way to add modern design and colour to the home. Each piece has the added incentive of being handmade for durability and quality. Shop LSA via the Ecology store to decorate and accent your home space.